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Parallel Consulting Ltd



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    Bryan img 1

    Absolutely unprofessional. I wasn’t even working with parallel and they called my current employer. This is a huge breach of trust. Stay away if you value your privacy.

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    Friedrich Roth img 1

    Serious Data Privacy Violation: Eric A., a recruiter from the London office, cold-called me for a role in Berlin. When I asked where he had gotten my number from he deflected and finally hung up. On the phone the second time he again hung up on me after lying and deflecting. Parallel Consulting left a negative and unprofessional impression on me. Very indecent and most definitely a data Privacy Violation. Employers, don’t work with Parallel. The negative impression they leave might rub off on you!

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    Krishan Patel img 1

    They know of lots of jobs, but they are totally incompetent. I would apply for the roles they tell you about with someone else. They fail to submit your applications for ages and then give you a days' notice to complete a formal application and to go for an interview. A day. The interview they'd arranged was for the wrong role. For an office in the wrong city. And they hadn't actually sent in my application yet for the one I wanted to apply for. They stopped picking up my calls so that I couldn't let the interviewer know I couldn't make it. The roles I originally applied for have now been filled. I can't apply for any more roles because they've logged my email address in to several company systems- so I'd have to go through them. A nightmare scenario. Avoid at all costs.

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    Graham Legg img 5

    Professional, personable company with great knowledge of IT markets and a positive can-do attitude. Good roles and they aim to position you for success by providing high levels of support throughout - if you want it. Recommend for contract or permanent - a good company to network with if you want a new position.

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    Steven Toth img 5

    I usually have a cynical low regard for recruitment agencies as a whole from my experiences. However, Parallel Consulting is not one of them, being very helpful, professional and even have the decency to call back with bad news explaining in detail as to why. you were unsuccessful. Highly recommend.