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Gazelle Global Consulting Limited



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    Steven O'Nyons img 5

    As a supplier we have dealt with Kylie, Mark, John, Darren and Jason at Gazelle and always found them to be exceptional. The business had a leadership change in June 2021 which is when we started dealing with them and have had nothing but a positive experiences over the past 9 months.

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    Niki Lauda img 1

    I have no experience with this company. I just posted for the lolz.

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    szurke291 img 1

    Their recruiters do not read the cv-s and online profiles of people. They contacted me with an offer that was clearly wasn't for me. Which in itself wouldn't be a big deal but I'm sick of these novadays. It's effectively spam and the people there do not do their jobs in terms of checking out people, I think they're just broadcasting and spamming

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    Divya S img 5

    Wow! I am surprised by the comment made by someone who clearly doesn't know the work ethic of this company. I have been here for almost 4 months and never felt any discomfort from any of the team members. Davy is someone I have immense respect for, he has always helped me out. Needless to say, the company is like my second home, where everyone respects each other and treats everyone equally regardless of their gender or ethnicity :)

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    Alessandro Behling img 1

    Had a random message from these people, asked basic questions and they declined to answer. Just like a lot of other recruiting agencies out there, they go on fishing expeditions with nothing to offer. Avoid !!!