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Costa Coffee



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    The Reviewer img 3

    An average costa which unfortunately is right next to a Starbucks so will always draw comparisons between the 2. Main reasons why I would prefer to go to Starbucks is (1) Starbucks has open Wi-Fi which isn’t password protected and (2) Starbucks has more discreet seating to work whereas Costa is more all together. If you looking got a quick typical Costa coffee this place is as good as any, if you look it’s for a place to kill 30 minutes - rather go to Starbucks.

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    Ahmad Hosain img 5

    Cosy. Clean. Good location and view. Not noisy as much as others. Outside seating. Lots of electricity sockets for laptop holders. Easy to park in front of Double Tree hotel (2 time slots restricted). I like it.

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    Soniya Prakashguiri img 1

    The quality of the coffee is really bad not made properly. Taste like it’s burnt or watery 1/10 coffee is good depending on who makes it. Need new well trained staff who know how to make coffee.

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    Milan Perencevic img 5

    Great assortment of cold and hot drinks and nice food.. they could get air-conditioning fixed inside because it's way too hot to sit and enjoy your coffee but overall good customer service

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    Stephen Johnson img 4

    Mid size Costa with good decor and a mixed seating arrangement. A good amount of natural light from the floor to ceiling front windows. Prompt service.