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La Pizzica - Italian (Apulian) Restaurant



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    Raffaele Gaito img 5

    I love this place! ???? They are pretty famous for standup comedy nights featuring Italian comedian. ???? But the food is also great! ???? I had the “risotto cacio e pepe” (cheese and black pepper) and it was delicious ????

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    Alba “AlbaSole” img 5

    Pizza and tagliere fabulous! Great place for Authentic Italian food ????. Plus an amazing stand up comedy after dinner

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    Alberto Gallo img 4

    Local and family friendly trattoria with a nice atmosphere and some amazing local dishes. Definitely a few gems in the menu. Update after a few months: unfortunately it looks like the place has taken a downward trajectory. Must be inflation, Brexit, etc. But the last two times spaghetti were smaller, burrata was hard, pasta served a bit cold and the size of all portions has gotten smaller. Too bad.

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    jahsiah callixte img 5

    Warm atmosphere and great food! We went to their bar night which they do on Friday evenings. Had a DJ and cocktails so we had a great night! ????

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    Jekaterina Muhamendrika img 1

    Worst place ever, terrible pizza ???? Dirty glasses on the table with lipstick marks. entering the pizzeria, a waitress approached me arrogantly, I asked for a table for one person, after which she pointed to empty tables and said that I can choose a table. I chose a comfortable table for myself, the pizzeria was half empty, and I understand why…,???? However, after 2 minutes, another waiter came up and asked if I would be the only one ordering, Then, in a pointed tone, he said that I should move to a smaller table, And when I said that I would like to stay at this table, since there are no people in the restaurant anyway, he said Ok,and with attitude took my order, the order was taken incorrectly, I ordered pizza,bufula and a glass of white wine. First he did bring the wine in the water glass with lipstick marks,when I asked if I can have a glass for wine,he said that in the restaurant they give the wine from king glasses only,,honestly I got a chocked….,wanted to live but was so starving,so I decided just wait for my Pizza and bufula,, In 10 min i got pizza ???? if it can be called Pizza????not cooked well but under just burnt,bufula never arrived ????I tried eat one slice,,,.but no.Than I asked for the bill,the waiter saw that I haven’t even eat the pizza,but still didn’t ask if food was ok,or no,how usually restaurants who take service charge should Follow etiquette,also they put bufula on the bill.???? Than I just asked her remove Additional service charge, £1.75 and just wanted to live the place soon as possible.don’t think kind places should get No penny for service charge. Even there she did not stop Surprise me????she asked me in a rude way,why I don’t want pay the service charge ???? When I said the Reason she just turned on and left didn’t want even give me a receipt for a bill I paid and food never eat. Most Terrible Place???? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????