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The Chelsea Gardener



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    Ana T img 5

    Lovely shop, beautiful deco. Bought a lot of my Christmas decorations there. They have a good variety of Christmas products. Very pricey though.

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    Alimentary London img 4

    The Chelsea Gardener Cafe A lovely, tranquil spot away from the (nowadays relative) bustle of the King's Road that serves an eclectic range of sandwiches, rolls and pastries and very good (and generous) smoothies- served in cut glass tumblers. A perfect place for a Chelsea pit stop. (The cafe is part of the Chelsea Gardener centre).

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    nuric img 4

    A great garden centre with a very large selection of plants, seeds, garden furniture, tools and decorations. You will most likely find what you are looking for here. It also has a really nice cafe that is modern and comfortable with some classic cakes and coffee. We gave 4 stars because it is an expensive place probably because it is in Chelsea.

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    HJ Park (Rebecca) img 4

    visited two times - once before Christmas and the atmosphere was really festive cuz they were selling a lot of ornaments and trees and stuffs. coffee and drinks are okay, various options of desserts to choose from.

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    Keeva Music img 1

    Bought a Variegated Cheese Plant for £800, when I got it home I realised half of it had black spot fungus. I called up and spoke to Mattie who started a fight with me saying how she’s never seen it and accused me of lying. I have been told repeatedly that it is my fault for not noticing, they have taken no responsibility and blamed it entirely on the customer. I spoke to Andy and while he took my concerns into consideration I was still told that it was my fault, that they don’t have diseased plants and that I was lying about it even after I sent him pictures of the leaves. I offered to bring in the whole bin bag of leaves as proof but he declined. He said that he thought I was lying about my horticulture degree and diplomas. He also said that he would not be bullied by me. Not once was there ever an apology or acknowledgment of responsibility for the fact they sold me a diseased plant for £800. Instead they offered me a 15% store credit for me to take this review down. These people are not horticulturist just sales staff and don’t know a thing about their plants or how to care for them. Go to Worlds End Nurseries down the road, highly trained in all things plants and kinder staff. I expect far higher standards for the treatment, prevention and care for plants at a place like The Chelsea Gardener. Black fungus spreads rapidly so I wouldn’t be surprised if nearby plants are infected now.