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Crescent Manufacturing Ltd



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    Robbo Baker img 5

    Took an artic delivery here was tight turning into to street . Warehouse is on left hand side

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    Alex Wood img 1

    If you replaced the H in "Hunt" with a C and put an S after the T it would be the most accurate description of the people that manage this place.

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    Horys img 3

    If it weren't for a colleague who knew where the warehouse was, I would never have driven into that alley with a truck and circled around, it would have needed at least some kind of sign. Overall, the warehouse is in a crazy place where trucks should have nothing to do. Unloading is as fast as possible and the employees are great.

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    Alex img 5

    Very narrow and difficult entrance! ???? The staff is very friendly and accommodating ????

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    Shalu Singh img 5