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Greencore Park Royal



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    dj casanova img 5

    Greencore Park Royal : Unit 4c Willen Field Rd, London NW10 7AQ We recently had the pleasure of hosting a health and wellbeing event working in collaboration with Greencore at Park Royal. The staff at Greencore were incredibly accommodating and helpful throughout the whole process. I was offered a factory tour which I found very informative. I along with my colleagues were shown the different stages of production from the raw ingredients coming in to the finished product going out. It was interesting to see the different processes involved in making the sandwiches and how it is all done with such accuracy and efficiently while maintaining all hygiene standards The staff at the Greencore also provided us with samples of the sandwiches which were delicious. Chicken Firecracker wrap was my favourite. The staff spent time in explaining the different types of packaging and food and hygiene standards they have to follow for delivering an excellent product Overall, we had a great experience at the Greencore. I am not sure if Greencore does offer factor tour as I was there to support a health and wellbeing event organised for staff .. which is a great initiative.. but if they do offer a tour I would recommend the factory to anyone looking for a great tour and/or to purchase their products. The staff were, friendly and accommodating. We look forward to working with the factory again in the future

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    Tania gonz img 1

    Very rude security guy who picks the call to report sickness for staff. He should be removed as he has no manners to talk to girls. Wembley Park Royal branch

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    Robert Kajor img 4

    Ever eaten ready made sandwich? This is where they are produced

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    Katarzyna Jenkins img 5

    I Love this place because I made so many great friends there. Best department DESPATCH ????

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    Trevor Hartley img 3

    A very tight distribution centre yard for artics especially with all the skips. Nice staff but tough for new drivers. Tip, stay hard right and reverse very sharply.